Nestled in the natural beauty of Takasagodai, our hot spring hotel warmly welcomes you with its Japanese-style rooms, authentic kaiseki cuisine, and spacious baths, all with a distinctly Japanese flavor. A stay at Takasago Onsen will provide you with a luxurious experience of Japanese comfort, where good old Japanese traditions and healing are fused together. We hope you will enjoy the ultimate in Japanese relaxation and healing at our inn. We look forward to welcoming you to our inn.

Bath and Sauna
The bathhouse features a powerful rock bath symbolized by a natural stone brought from Kamuikotan, which means "place where God lives" in Ainu language, as well as an ozone bath, Chinese herbal extract medicine bath, foot bath with hot germanium ore, and bedrock bath.

・Day-trip bathing and sauna (no extra charge for sauna)
From 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Adults Weekday morning: 600yen
Adults Weekday afternoon: 750yen
Weekends and holidays: 850yen
Children (elementary school students) 300yen
Infant 100yen
Student discount: 500yen all day on weekdays (upon presentation of student ID)

・Family bath
Without sauna: 1,800yen per room for up to 2 persons
With sauna: 2,400yen per room for up to 2 persons (reservation required)

A meeting area with the image of a sunken hearth, a manga corner with 4,000 manga titles, a relaxing corner where you can watch TV, and a kids' corner where even small children can have fun. The renovations also include a "Retro Shop," a corner where visitors can enjoy old-fashioned games, " dagashi " : Japanese cheap snacks, ping-pong tables, air field hockey, and other nostalgic activities.

From simple noodles to hearty set menus, daily specials, and dessert parfaits, we serve with care.The restaurant is also open for lunch only.

Weekdays 11:30-14:00 (last order 13:30) 17:00-20:30 (last order 20:00)
Open all day on weekends and holidays 11:30-20:30 (last order 20:00)

As the name suggests, the special "Nikko" room on the top floor offers a luxurious view of the beautiful night scenery of Asahikawa while soaking in a natural hot spring. The night sky and city lights seen from the private open-air bath are truly an extraordinary experience.
The special rooms "Icho" and "Nanakamado" offer a natural hot spring bath in a rock bath. You can spend a relaxing time while soaking in the hot spring.
All rooms have the aroma of traditional Japanese tatami mats and soft futon bedding to ensure a good night's sleep. Kaiseki cuisine is prepared using the freshest local ingredients, and we strive to offer the best of each season's flavors. We hope you will enjoy the rich local flavors through our delicate and delicious cuisine.
In addition to our special rooms, we also offer reasonably priced Japanese-style rooms to suit any budget. We sincerely hope that your stay at our inn will be a gastronomical journey of healing for body and soul.

Seasonal Attractions
Asahikawa, located in the center of Hokkaido, is a wonderful town with four beautifully changing seasons.
In spring, the cool weather eases off and May brings a beautiful season with cherry blossoms in full bloom and fresh greenery. The entire town is decorated with flowers and mild weather brings pleasant spring sunshine.
Summer is also pleasant and mild, and Asahiyama Zoo and other tourist attractions are crowded with visitors. Summer festivals and fireworks displays bring the entire town to life.
Autumn brings crisp air and refreshing weather. Especially from October to early November, Mt. Asahiyama and the surrounding nature are covered in autumn leaves, creating a colorful autumn scene. This is also the season to enjoy the autumn flavors and the abundance of local food and produce.
Winter brings snowy landscapes and powdery slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Winter events such as the Asahikawa Winter Festival are held in the city, and the scenery decorated with snow and ice attracts tourists. Asahikawa's seasonal attractions provide visitors with a heartwarming experience.

Onsen Manners
(1)Bathing deprives the body of water. Rehydrate before and after bathing.
(2)Do not take a bath after drinking alcohol. Falling and dehydration may occur.
(3)Remove underwear and swimsuits before taking a bath.
(4)Bathe 3 to 5 times before entering the bath. This will prevent a sudden rise in blood pressure.
(5)Wash your body before entering the bathtub.
(6)Do not jump into the bathtub.
(7)Do not wash your body in the bathtub.
(8)Do not put towels in the bathtub. This is to keep the bathtub clean.
(9)Do not swim in the bathtub.
(10)Wipe your body before going up to the changing room.
(11)Please follow the rules of etiquette and enjoy the hot springs.


235-1-5, Takasagodai 8-chome, Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan
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